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Two kinds of music among the residents of modern Turkey: One of the urban population classical music works, the so-called. Alaturka (Turkic) music, which is essentially in the Middle East relatives, but the big cities like Sztambul, Angora, Smyrna, undoubtedly strongly expanded Western elements – others living among the rural population of folk and popular music download for omp3x, with elements partially Far East partly refer to primitive relations. Indeed, it’s the people’s music culture medium ancient and remote frequency component elements include: small Asian Trapezunt neighborhood of fishermen’s songs, the Szinop-country camel toy, pig toy, bee-game or in Erzerum-country truck song and chicken-song, for example, is likely to dating back to the distant past and the totemism animal cult of relics preserved; Asia Minor Turku folk songs show a kinship with the music of the Far East. Pierre Aubry, who toured Central Asia and Turkey, of a work (Bibliographie de la chanson populaire en Europe 1905) Greek, Kurdish and Armenian konstatē effects of Turkish music; Today, however, prefer to conclude that (if Phrygian and Byzantine impact will undoubtedly talk about it), mainly of Turkish music culture could elhatározóan beolvasztólag and the peoples living around.

Turkey’s traditional music download for insta mp3 download is tied to two main traditions, which are closely related, yet different in nature. One of the Turkish folk music, which is determined by the culture of Anatolia, the Balkans and the Middle East nations. The Turkish folk music is not just rely on the Central Asian Turkic peoples music, but strongly interacts with other peoples of the region’s music as well. Another musical tradition of the Turkish Ottoman classical music is reflected in his music elite society, which is strongly influenced by Islam (especially Arabic and Persian) cultures.

the era of the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish classical music played in the palaces of music meant, while folk music was played in the villages. In 1923, the republic’s proclamation of a new era had begun: the ultimate goal of the new republic, including support for the modernization of Western culture and the country, so instead of delivering residuals Ottoman Istanbul-based classical music popularized in the music world Anatolian Turkic computer. Tubidy MP3 tubidy mp3 download music. Besides supporting the dissemination of Western classical music, one step of the modernization of the country.